For Christ & the Gospel

God left us on earth to help people find and follow Him.

What a prvilege! God invites us to partner with Him. This is our Great Commission.

I’m Bill Giovannetti, a pastor, evangelist, author, and professor. I believe in the Word of God and the Gospel. I believe the Church, armed with God’s truth, is the hope of the world. Thank you for visiting my site. 

I’m praying for you to step into your abundant life by accepting your God-given identity in Christ and the incredible mission that goes with it. 

Bill Giovannetti

Ministries and Resources

Bigger ministry impact, better confidence in interpreting God’s Word, deeper knowledge of God. Theological school for believers who never thought it was possible. 

A systematic discipleship and spiritual growth curriculum. Use it with your small group or whole church. In 10 booklets, you can lead a rookie believer to a well-grounded servant of Christ. 

The battle for the soul of a nation is upon us. It’s time for Christian men especially to gear up, rise up, speak up, and fight for patriotism, the gospel, and the family. We need you!

Most of Bill’s sermons are available in video and audio format. You can find printable sermon manuscripts here. These are used in 6 different prisons for discipleship & Bible study.

A national Bible study for Alpha Christian men, based on US football. Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm (PT). LIVE-STREAMED with replays available.

New episode every Tuesday. Find GodStuff on your favorite podcast app. Subscribe and share. A video version podcast also available. 

Located in Redding, CA, this is the church Bill has pastored for 20 years. Known as an evangelistic and Bible teaching powerhouse, God is using Pathway in amazing ways. 

Studies show that most people dream of writing a book “someday.” Bill puts years of writing and publishing experience into this all-inclusive course in writing and publishing your book.

Old School Evangelism

People still need the Lord!

Let’s do an evangelistic event. There has never been a better time to communicate the saving message of Christ AND to invite poeple to faith in him. God has blessed Bill’s evangelistic preaching with literally thousands of professions of faith. 

Be part of a REVIVAL OF EVANGELISM in the world today. Retreats, mens events, womens events, family events,  apologetics events, patriotic events… invite Bill to be your keynote speaker for the sake of Christ and the Gospel. Fill our our contact form today!

Stand Strong Radio

You can hear Bill’s preaching on radio stations throughout the country. For a station list, or to support this ministry, please visiting the Stand Strong Radio  website here


Seminary for All!

You’ve heard a million sermons. You’ve read books. Attended Bible studies. You’ve even taught Bible studies. Podcasts, seminars, retreats, personal discipleship. 

But it’s still not coming together for you. The Bible seems like a mystery, because nobody has ever put it all together for you. 

Until now.

If you feel that you’re getting your theology in bits and pieces. 

If you struggle because nobody’s putting it together for you. 

If you feel stuck because nobody is diving into the all-important words of faith, the vocabulary of theology that helps us understand and organize everything important in the Bible. 

Then we’ve created a school just for you.

Everyone who claims Jesus Christ as Savior has been enlisted in His cosmic army of grace and truth. Today we see the powers of darkness raging against truth, against the Gospel, against the Family, and against an honorable love of our country. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled all around us.

Every day we see…

  • The justification of violence in the streets. 
  • The evaporation of a moral consensus.
  • The collapse of marriage and family.
  • The disrespect for our flag. 
  • The loss of free speech through cancel culture.
  • The rise of big-government socialism.
  • The power of corporate technocrats to silence dissent.
  • The exploitation of classrooms for sexual/political ideology.
  • The growth of Critical Race Theory and the Woke agenda.
  • The collusion of a complicit mainstream media.
  • The defection of the Church from Scripture and truth.
  • The escalation of a globalist agenda and its Great Reset.

We are witnessing a flight from Reason and the death of Truth. This is the battle we are in. 

But Alpha Christians are not intimidated. We won’t back down before these “giants in the land.” We won’t compromise. We won’t bow to the idols of secular evil. We stand in the Triumph of the Crucified One.

You are invited to join a movement of truth, courage, hope, and love. Become an Alpha Christian today.

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Introducing the Grace Pathway

A ten-book series on Spiritual Growth… the journey of your life, laid out step by step, with God’s grace at the core. Great for personal study, groups, or classes. A full discipleship series for you or your church. Contact us for a customized first page of each book for your ministry or church. 


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