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I remember the golden days, sitting in the seminary at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. I soaked up the theology and teaching like a dry sponge. I literally thought it was the most amazing privilege in the world. I knew that there were people the world over who would give anything to do what I was doing. Very few people have the time or resources to stop their lives in order to attend seminary.

But times have changed. We have an incredible opportunity to bring the seminary to you. That Veritas School of Biblical Ministry. Course by course, or the whole program, your call.

We Are Now Open for Enrollment

Veritas School of Biblical Ministry


(Formerly Seminary in a Box)

  • Small Group Leaders
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Authors and Writers
  • Deaconnesses, Deacons, and Elders
  • Lay Leaders
  • Beginning Ministers
  • …anyone who wants to go deep!

Let’s go deep into God and his Word together for Christ and his Gospel.

Bill Giovannetti

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