Welcome to God’s Family (Grace Pathway 1.0)


Grace Pathway Series, Book 1.0


Something amazing happened. Maybe you saw it coming. Maybe you didn’t. But you just made the most impactful choice a human being can make. You received Jesus. You were “saved.” This book will help you understand what it means. Welcome to God’s Family!

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This is Book One in a ten book series. The series, called the Grace Pathway, walks a person from their first moments of faith in Christ, to a basic understanding of what it means to believe and live as a child of God. Each book is intentionally short and clear for new believers. They are perfect for classes, small groups, retreats, camps, and events.

The Grace Pathway is an exciting new discipleship plan. It equips and guides God’s people through four stages of growth:

  1. God SAVES You… What it means to be saved, why Jesus died, and what it means to believe. (1 booklet)
  2. God BLESSES You… Before a new Christian goes out and serves God, they should be sure of how God has richly blessed them. This section anchors a new Christian in their riches and identity in Christ, their eternal security, and the basics of how to have a Quiet Time. It installs GRACE as the foundation of their whole Christian experience. (3 booklets)
  3. God GROWS You… It’s time to start growing deeper in your faith. As you grow, you learn some attributes of who God is, what the Cross of Christ actually accomplished, and some basic doctrines of our faith. It is only as you grow in grace and truth that you can grow in holiness too. (3 booklets)
  4. God USES You… With a solid foundation for Christian service, you can now discover your spiritual gifts, learn how to share your faith, and be strengthen by an intro to basic apologetics. (3 booklets)

Order Customized Copies

It would be awesome to adopt the Grace Pathway as your ministry’s discipleship plan! If you wish to order more than 50 copies of this book, we can customize the first page just for your ministry. Each book can begin with a letter from your pastor, or a blurb about your church or ministry. Additional charges apply. Please use the contact form if you would like to find out more.


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