Heroes and Villains of the Bible (full color magazine written by Bill)


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Let’s dig in to the Heroes and Villains of the Bible. Well-known figures such as Adam, Eve, Ruth, David, Goliath, Daniel, Esther, Mary, and Judas — along with a cast of lesser known names — all come to life in their full-color glory and infamy. For readers who don’t know these characters, it will feel like curling up with a warm fire, a cup of coffee, and listening in as a beloved grandfather spins a tale. People of faith will be familiar with these heroes and villains, but we will lift the curtain to see the story behind their adventures. These wonderful, life-giving accounts are lavishly illustrated from the world of art. The stories are uplifting, the chapters are informative, and the overall effect is a heartwarming journey into deeply embedded memories for those who grew up in the church, and a fresh vision of a transcendence for those who did not.

This full color 99 page magazine was entirely written by Bill Giovannetti. It also provides a great overview to the whole Bible.


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