Grace Breakthrough Combo (Book and Study Guide)


It’s virtually impossible to grow up in this broken-down world without being
degraded, discouraged, debased, and disheartened by other people’s labels. Like a
freakish funhouse full of deformed mirrors, your identity is easily twisted beyond
Enter the identity-correcting nuclear option: the matchless grace of God.
All those labels of doom and defeat were blasted to bits in the flood of Calvary’s
love. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, he stripped away once for all every
demeaning label ever slapped on you by any demented foe. The mean girls have
nothing to say to you. The bullies can no longer define you. The stoned out parents
and absentee loved ones don’t own your emotions. You don’t need to spend one
nanosecond proving yourself to anybody. Your worth has been settled once for all.
God has folded you into his family of faith forever, and has shouted to the heavens,
“You are my beautiful child and, in you, I am well-pleased.”

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This combo pack contains the book Grace Breakthrough and the Grace Breakthrough Study Guide book.

GRACE INTERVENTION (Grace Reset Book 1, Exploding the LEGALISM that robs your joy)

GRACE REHAB (Grace Reset Book 2, Peeling off the LABELS that rob your joy)

GRACE BREAKTHROUGH (Grace Reset Book 3, Rising above the LIES that rob your joy)


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