MindGames: Rising Above Other People’s Craziness

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MINDGAMES offers hope and guidance for anyone who feels stuck in a world, family, or life gone mad.
A LifeStyle Commentary on Esther. All copies come signed by the author. 

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Having struggles: normal

Not being dominated by them: priceless.

Do other people’s actions make you question your worth, doubt your choices, feel insecure, unloveable, and undesirable? You’re caught up in the mess of…


You can rise above the MindGames and find your true self, your inner beauty, and your deeply-rooted strength. You can fulfill God’s purpose for your life while honoring your heart’s desire. Don’t let the crazy MindGames of those around you take away your spiritual royalty. You can rise above! 

This LIFESTYLE COMMENTARY takes you verse by verse through the Book of Esther in a unique, conversational way. Through God’s Word you will find strength, determination, and a victorious spirit no matter what mind games come against you.

A LifeStyle Commentary on Esther. Group Discussion Questions included after each chapter. Great for Small Groups, Bible Studies, and Sunday School Classes. Verse by Verse through Esther. 

222 pages. Ebook coming soon (Kindle, Nook, iBooks) All pre-orders come signed by the author, stamped Certified First Edition.

Ships in time for Mother’s Day! Available now for Pre-Order at a Special Price. (Price goes up to $13.99 mid-April).

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