Grace Breakthrough Study Guide

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Study Guide for groups and individuals for Grace Breakthrough.



The Fall put scar tissue over our hearts. It reversed our polarities. It inflicted the human race with the most deadly malady in the world of mankind: Grace Deficit Disorder.
The only way grace gets through is by breaking through.
Grace must pierce the scar tissue. It must explode the lies. It has to punch the devil in the gut and penetrate the dark and stormy night of the soul with the bright light of Calvary Love.
Only this trauma of grace has the power to correct the backwards polarity of the fallen human heart.

Welcome to the journey you need most and want least.

In GRACE BREAKTHROUGH STUDY GUIDE, Bill Giovannetti guides you through the book GRACE BREAKTHROUGH, to break through the callous on your heart, to overcome your built-in resistance to grace, and to explode the lies that wound your confidence and joy. You can step into your birthright as a blood-bought, confident, royal child of God.


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