Introduction to the LifeStyle Commentary Series

[This is the introduction to the LifeStyle Commentary Series. MINDGAMES: RISING ABOVE OTHER PEOPLE’S CRAZINESS, a verse-by-verse study of Esther, is the first book in this projected series.]


Mindgames Front Cover 2My friend’s eyes grew wide, he shook his head, and laughed at the gift I’d just given him.

He said, “Bill, that’s the biggest book I’ve ever seen.”

His name was Josh, and I had just given him a Bible. Josh had just trusted Christ as his Savior, and wanted to know what was next. So I gave him a Bible.

It freaked him out.

Josh shook his head again and looked up at me. “Bill, I’ve never even read one book, and this is the biggest book I’ve ever seen.”

That freaked me out because, as an avid reader, I couldn’t imagine making it to my twenties without ever having read a book.

But his point was an eye-opener for me, a young pastor.

The Bible really is an imposing book. It’s the biggest book most people have ever seen. Being given a Bible can feel like being given a box of jumbled up parts for a rocket ship, with orders to put the thing together and fly to Mars, without instructions.

This LifeStyle Commentary is written for people like Josh, and for you, if you see the Bible as an intimidating jumble of mysterious parts. Where to begin? What to do? How to use it?

A commentary takes a book or section of Scripture, and goes through it patiently, paragraph by paragraph, and verse by verse. We comment as we go, hence the name.

So that’s what we’ll do. We will be true to God’s Word, and we will be real and authentic with life. This LifeStyle Commentary assumes that you don’t have a Bible degree, and might be a rookie in your life with God.

This is not a technical commentary. We will not delve into history or grammar or setting or Hebrew or Greek, except when it’s needed to understand the point. We’ll make it painless, we promise.

If we can dig in to a section of God’s perfect Word, and explore how by it God might transform our hearts and lives, then this commentary will have achieved its purpose.

So let’s open just one bite-sized portion of God’s Word and focus on real life, and on how the eternal truths of Scripture can help you live it to the fullest.


Dr. Bill Giovannetti

Redding, CA

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