Mother Failure

Mother Failure

Did I discipline too much or too little? Did I love too much or too little? Did I socialize, prioritize, Ferberize the right way? Did I fail to educate, indoctrinate, incorporate values? Did I pray too little, pray wrong?

Bite Me : Busybodies

Neighborhood Church of Redding – Summer Series 2009 – Lead Pastor, Bill Giovannetti.
No. 4 in a series entitled; “Bite Me” – Taming the Tongue Healing your Heart.
Sermon Title: Busybodies
Notes Reference: BITE09-04
From August 16, 2009

Bible's Top Ten Grace Interventions, pt 1

Grace is traumatic. Grace is a crisis. It’s a massive reversal of everything you thought about God. I use the word intervention on purpose. An intervention is an “in your face confrontation.” An intervention is a direct challenge to your status quo. In psychology, an...

Dear Miley,

We don’t know each other, but I have a daughter, and, though I can’t imagine your life as a kid on TV, I can imagine you being a little girl, growing toward womanhood. I’ve seen your dad on TV, and I hope he cares deeply for you. He seems to, in...