Okay… regular Maxgrace readers, please bear with me… for the sake of our new visitors, here’s one of two book trailers for the Inner Mess book.  I’ll give you some background below.


You’re probably wondering, who is this goof? If he has to play dress up to get people to listen to him, he’s in trouble!

Okay… I get it.  I got one email that asked me if I really dressed up like that for my sermons. Yes I did.  I do not do this often.  Honest!  I’m a bread and butter kind of preacher.  I preach/teach through books of the Bible.  I’m a big-time Bible lover.

The whole costume thing began on a whim… the Inner Nerd that you saw in the video. I was only going to do it one week, but the Nerd was such a hit, I decided to do one or two more. I never planned it, but I created a monster.

People were wondering what I’d dress up as next. I visited the costume shop in Redding, one in Igo (of all places, right next to Ono), and one in Chico to get all that stuff. It became really hard to figure out what to dress as each week. Of course, then I was stuck trying to figure out how to preach dressed up as a Caveman or as my Inner Darth Vader.  Took some doing, but we got ‘er done.

thug2At the end of the series, we let our church vote online to see one of the characters again. My Inner Mobster won by a wide margin, though there are charges he might have rigged the election.  On the video, that’s my little girl with me… she was excited. My little boy steadfastly refused, even though I bribed him with new dark sunglasses, and his own fedora, and some bling.

In case you’re wondering, the Inner Mess is my term for what the Bible calls your “flesh.” Yes, as in “fleshly lusts.”  But the flesh is waaaaay more than sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. That’s why I wrote the book. Because all kinds of inner characters mess up your life, not just the overtly sinful ones. The book offers a road map to rise above your Inner Mess. Click here for more about the book.

But honestly… I don’t dress up every weekend, and I’m a dedicated Bible teacher. Really. Truly. Sincerely. Genuinely. For sure.

I made the video by first stripping footage from our DVD’s, and then assembling it on iMovie on a Mac. I ran it by the fantastic authors/agent at Books & Such, got their input, and did some more editing. It was a great learning experience. One of my fellow pastors, Josh Thompson (who is an amazing writer), taught me how to use iMovie when we were in Africa together.

Again… a huge thank you for visiting. And another huge thank you to Kim at the Insanity and Bliss blog for doing a book giveaway.

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